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15 Tips For All Your Social Media Needs

social media

social media

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and social media is just too big an ocean of people not to dip your feet into. There are many platforms, different audiences and different etiquette, so if you are just starting out, social media marketing can seem like a whirlwind of confusion.

But rather than allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, take a peek at these 15 social media tips – they should help you to get out of the starting gate and on your way to a vibrant and effective social media presence.

  1. Use Images In Your Posts

Tweets containing images get 150% more retweets than those without and receive 18% more clicks. Accompanying your content with an exciting visual aid is an excellent way to catch peoples’ attention and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Don’t Be A Ghost

When it comes to being social, make sure you show up! Sharing the odd blog or poster, once a month or sporadically, isn’t going to gain or keep any traction whatsoever. To build up a presence on social media, you need to be posting and great things regularly and often.

  1. Respond

Take the time to reply to all of the comments and questions you receive from others. This shows you care, builds a rapport and will help you connect with your target audience. Ignoring people will send out all the wrong signals about you and your business.

  1. Avoid Overselling

People really dislike pushy salespeople. Don’t try too hard to promote and sell your products and services on social media as people will ignore your posts and potentially even disconnect completely. It’s okay to post offers and information about your services, but try and stick to the 80/20 rule – post 80% useful, helpful and interesting things, and only 20% selly.

  1. Be Careful When Using Hashtags

While you want to use hashtags to increase user engagement, using too many can be detrimental as it looks spammy and sometimes desperate. Make sure each hashtag is highly relevant to your topic and that should do the hard engagement work for you. For more information on hashtag marketing, check out this post.

  1. Stay On Point

Always keep things relevant on social media. Straying too far off topic will reduce user interest significantly. If your social accounts are for your business, your followers won’t want to know about what you had for dinner!

  1. Avoid Confrontation

As frustrating as it can be, don’t respond negatively to any bad feedback you may receive. Respond politely, trying to be as helpful as you can and stay professional at all times. Social media is public, and confrontation with any prospect or customer on these channels is sure to put other users off.

  1. Brevity Is Key

Try not to post overly long messages. People are inundated with information overload every day, so if you want your messages to be noticed and read, keep them short and sweet. People often completely skip over large chunks of text, or will get bored with you by the time they reach the end.

  1. Respond To Comments

Whatever you do, don’t disable the ability for other social media users to comment on any of your posts or content. Instead, engage here and show them just how much you value their contribution. Comment sections are a great place to have discussions and increase the reach of the content further from the extra attention.

  1. Stay Consistent

To post on social media throughout the day, every day would be a full time job, and it is simply unrealistic. But it’s vital that your social accounts remain consistently populated. Get around this issue by using scheduling tools to publish posts in bulk, in one go. Free tools like Hootsuite make this easy, so you can schedule a week’s worth of posts or more, in one go.

  1. Post Videos

Predictions say that by 2017, over two thirds of all web traffic will be video. People love them, and more importantly, they love sharing them. Videos are therefore a great way to break into a much wider audience, and they can also help with your lead conversion too.

  1. Focus On A Few Channels

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram, pick a few that best suit your target audience and stay active. There is too much involved with having a successful account to cover all of them, so choose wisely and stay dedicated to your chosen few with gusto.

  1. Vary Your Content

Keep your social channels fresh with diverse types of content. Mix it up with images, lists, videos, infographics and anything you can think of to keep it interesting. Also join a variety of relevant groups within the platform and share your content there for wider exposure.

  1. Be Generous

One of the best uses of social media is the ability to offer exclusive deals to your audience. Have a particular discount code or competition for each social channel to create a buzz around a product or service. Using unique codes will also help you determine which channels and tactics are working best for you.

  1. Keep It Light

Don’t forget, people use social media in their free time – and to be social! So don’t forget, it can be fun! If you are engaging with your customers and prospects, don’t be afraid to keep things light and entertaining. Not everything has to be business focussed, serious and super PC!

If you take note of all these social media tips, your social accounts should steadily blossom into active, engaging hubs full of new potential customers, and maybe some advocates thrown in too!

One final bonus tip: ensure that plenty of your social posts link back to your main website – this is where you can nudge them further through the sales cycle and get some real paying customers under your belt.

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