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3 Huge Content Marketing Blunders You Might Be Making

small business content marketing

small business content marketing

The following mistakes are dangerous because of how easy they are to slip into, they take your hard work and effort in attracting customers and do the opposite!  Small business Content marketing is about giving your potential customers useful information and making them want to come back for more. If you can show your customers how and why they may need your product, rather than just telling them to buy it, they are much more likely to come and buy the product.

Focusing Too Much on Yourself

Whilst it may seem counter intuitive not to focus on yourself when marketing your company’s product, small business content marketing is actually much more effective when you can create a need within the customer. You can do this by posting useful and informative content that will explain how they would use the product and how it could make their lives easier. If you can create within the client this understanding then you are already half way to making a sale.

Leaving Out Calls to Action

Ultimately, sales are the end goal. So whilst the above is true and posting useful and helpful information without screaming “buy me” at the customer is important. You should never neglect the fact that you offer a product that you want them to buy. At the end of the content, once you have created interest and a need within the client you should add a call to action to highlight the product to them that is the answer to the questions they are now asking. Adding in this call to action is crucially important as it is the bridge between informing the customer and making sales.

Focusing on Only One Format

Whilst many customers will find written explanations useful, it would be a tragic waste not to take advantage of other formats when content marketing. Images are the most popular form of content to go viral, whilst videos can give easily digestible bursts of information for your customer without looking like a wall of text. Content marketing has been revolutionised by the social media age that we now live in and having content that is easily shared across all social media platforms is a key way of improving your traffic.

Be aware not to fall into these common content marketing traps. Your marketing strategy can be hugely uplifted by taking some time to make sure your company is avoiding these pitfalls, thankfully they are quite easy to spot!

For more hints, tips and best practices for every aspect of your mall business content marketing and marketing strategy as a whole from SEO to selling better, take a look at our list of free resources. We’ve packed in as much information as we can to help you and your small business on it’s way to success. Simply click on the link below to see our resources.

small business content marketing

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