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5 Great Pinterest Tips For Small Businesses

pinterest tips

pinterest tips

70 million people are hard to dismiss, and if you are hoping to make any traction with a portion of this audience, you will want to take note of these 5 tips, to ensure you are making the most of marketing your small business on Pinterest.

Pinterest has exploded both in growth and also as a marketing platform in a somewhat short amount of time. What’s been proven about this audience is that while it is skewed largely to female users, it is a great buyer’s audience. Assuming you have a product or service that is visual in some way, (or can be) you need to get it on a board on Pinterest fast!

  1. Use Pinterest Group Boards

Finding relevant groups is a smart way to engage with more followers that are interested in your market. Use the free tool PinGroupie to find them, and once you’ve joined, use your products or services to bring value and substance to the group.

  1. Set Up A Blog Board

One easy to do technique for promoting your blog is to create a blog board. Doing so will automatically let your followers know about anything new that you post on your blog. A little optimisation of your titles and description for each will go a long way to helping you get found in the search engines too.

  1. Mine Your Competitor’s Pins

A lot of your competitor’s followers, will naturally also be interested in your products and services too. Once you’re found them, follow them and you will be surprised how many of them will follow you right back, extending your audience further.

  1. Carefully Craft Your Descriptions

Choose your words very wisely here, as only 75-100 characters will show up in the grid view that most people will see your Pins on. You’ll want to use keywords, but do not try and sell! Describe what your pin is about and offer useful information instead and you might just end up in the Google search results!

  1. Use Text On Your Images

Take a little time and overlay some key text onto your images with Photoshop or any image editor you’re comfortable with. Recent studies are showing that these convert far better than straight images and they look great too! You may be surprised at how much more engagement you’ll receive just from doing this simple trick.

Get Found!

Pinterest is a great way to build up your online audience and to help you gain in search engine rankings. For more hints and tricks about how you can get your small business to the top, and noticed amongst the bigger players, have a read of our free guide SEO: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing.

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