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5 Budget Friendly Marketing Secrets To Make Your Small Business Stand Out

budget marketing

budget marketing

When you face needing to market your business with a small, or even non-existent marketing budget, you are forced to come up with creative yet effective ways to make things happen. Fortunately you can find more outlets and opportunities available than ever before, so all you need to add is a little grit and determination.

So in this post, we’re going to have a look at 5 ways you can market your business with a limited budget that have proven to be effective.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media has become more than a mere novelty; it’s where your customers and prospects spend a lot of their time online. You’ve likely checked in on at least one social network today, correct? I’d expect a resounding yes but if not, you’re in the minority. These platforms, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest are useful in numerous ways. You can use them to provide customer service, to reach out, share, conduct prospecting, running ads and more. Don’t neglect such a pool of possibility, and it’s free which is perfect for those looking for budget marketing.

  1. Build An Email List

If you haven’t yet started building an email list for your business, there’s no time to waste! Get a free email solution like MailChimp until you have at least 2000 people on your lists. With this many contacts, you should be making enough to justify upgrading to a paid account. Use your email lists to communicate news and opinions about your business and industry to help build up your authority.

  1. Build A Killer Blog

A blog is a great, low-cost way to advertise and promote your business whilst being helpful and informative for your readers. You can engage with and attract new prospects and customers with a well written blog whilst all the time building up and cementing your online authority. Be active, regular and consistent, posting lots of types of content to ensure your blog stays fresh and interesting.

  1. Get Visual

These days we are a very visual people, and it’s an established fact that visual content engages and interests your audience so much more than simple, plain text. Make use of videos, infographics, memes an images to everything you do to help catch peoples’ eye. This will help you to secure less bounces, more engagement and ultimately better results. For budget marketing, infographics can be made for free with sites such as Piktochart, and there are plenty of free stock photos up for grabs, or even better, use your own!

  1. Dip Your Toes Into Paid Ads

Don’t be scared off of paid advertising simply because you have a limited budget. There are many platforms that allow you to run ads to highly targeted people for just pennies a go. Facebook and Twitter ads can be acquired for low cost and you can set the daily budget to whatever you can afford; it doesn’t have to exceed more than just a few pounds, but every click helps!

Secrets Revealed

For more information about affordable budget marketing tactics you can use to generate as much traffic as possible to your small business pages, take a look at our free guide. It’s packed full of secrets, tips and tricks to get your brand awareness on the rise without breaking the bank. Simply click on the image below to download it now.

How to Increase Web Traffic by 30% in the Blink of an Eye

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