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Digital Marketing Statistics 2016 [Infographic]

The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting, with every change prompting businesses to take new actions to stay ahead of the curve. To guide you through the latest changes we put together this digital marketing statistics 2016 infographic summarising the latest data.

Key points to note are:

  • The continuing growth of online advertising – Google paid ad spend was up 25% in the first quarter of 2015 and Facebook revenue from ads is also growing strongly.
  • Of total ad spend of $59.6 billion in 2015 mobile ads accounted for 35%.  82% of Facebook’s $5.2 billion revenues now comes from mobile Facebook ads.
  • The proportion of small businesses that do not have a website continues to fall but is still a whopping 46%. Of those that do, almost one third either have a website that is not mobile friendly or are unsure if their website is mobile friendly. This is a huge problem with Google increasingly giving weight to user experience factors such as mobile responsiveness in their search results ranking algorithm.
  • Around half of all small businesses are currently implementing SEO. This is expected to rise to 60% by 2017 and eventually reach 70%. Presumably the other 30% aren’t interested in being found online by customers!
  • 79% of small businesses are using social media to connect with customers. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t doing this effectively.

So how is your business responding to these fresh challenges?

digital marketing statistics 2016 infographic

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Jan Willis
Jan Willis

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