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3 Crucial Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing strategy

email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a great tactic to use to get in front of your leads and prospects. You can send them exclusive discounts, offers and targeted content they are likely to have an interest in. However, there are certain errors, very easily made, that can turn your email marketing strategy against itself very quickly. Read below to find out what they are, and most importantly, how to avoid them at all costs!


We have all been in a scenario where we no longer desire to receive lots of emails from a particular sender, but the organisation in question makes it incredibly hard, if not impossible, to unsubscribe. If people are unable to easily opt-out when they choose, they are more likely to result in marking your messages as spam.

Eventually, this ends badly for you, as the email providers pick up on this action, assume you are spamming their customers and blacklist your account. This means that messages you send to people who do still want to read them, will also go straight to their spam folders, never to be seen again.


Businesses that do not establish an organised and consistent email marketing strategy are losing the race before they can even get started. Customers have to be aware that something enticing is always taking place. That is not to say send so many emails that you become an irritation to them, but you should at least have a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter to keep yourself on their radar.


Before you send messages out to customers, your marketing emails really need to be tested first. If there are typos, or graphic or formatting errors, sending a copy to yourself means they can be corrected prior to being viewed by actual customers. Deliver test emails to multiple servers like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo to test how the message appears to the recipient, whatever platform or device they may be using. This is an incredibly quick and simple way to ensure your final product looks professional and is truly sending the right message to your potential customers.

Recent studies found that email marketing strategies account for almost 7% of customer acquisitions. Don’t allow your numbers to lag by committing one of these mistakes that are easily avoidable, but potentially fatal to your campaign.

Build Out Your Strategy

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email marketing strategy

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