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The Easy And Cost Effective Way To Increase Engagement And Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

facebook advertisingFacebook Advertising is one of the most effective ways of getting your message in front of your target audience and drive website traffic, engagement and conversions.

We provide the creative work needed to create the most compelling creative assets and the expert analytics needed to identify the best audience for your brand.

Our social media strategists provide you with:

  • Week-to-week reports on the ad performance
  • A/B Testing of both creatives and audience if needed
  • Audience Insights, look-a-likes and other audience tools

Key Features:

  • Campaign Analysis and Proposal
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy
  • Multiple Compelling original Creatives created specifically to achieve client’s goals
  • Audience Analytics – Insights, Look-a-Likes, etc
  • Weekly and monthly campaign report to monitor ad performance
  • Can support up to £650 per month worth of ad spending
  • Can include remarketing campaign on the second month (or if custom audience)
  • Weekly Campaign launch and Calibration
  • Premium Stock Photos: each image used is a premium licensed stock photo specifically bought and selected for the campaign
  • Four ad sets, eight creatives, multiple creative tests


Set-up fee: £200 plus VAT

Monthly management fee: £100* plus VAT

*Excludes ad spend.


1. Who should use Facebook Advertising?
Small businesses who want to drive new leads or to increase the awareness of people of their brand.

2. What does it do for your brand?
It depends on the goal. A good Facebook Paid campaign drives traffic to a website, creates engagement, and maximizes impressions and reach.

3. What is the process for it?
Through our Client Brief, you specify the goal of your Facebook Advertising campaign. One of our Social Media strategist then creates a proposal with the recommended budget. Once that is approved, we set about preparing the ad creatives for your approval.

4. How does it work on a month to month basis?
We charge an initial setup fee that includes the creation of the creatives to be used for your Facebook ads. Thereafter we charge a monthly fee for managing your campaign. The cost of the package does not cover the cost of the actual ads so you will need to budget separately for this.

5. How does the payment for the ad work?
We will bill you both for the agreed upon amount for the ad (ad cost) and the package cost before the ad is actually executed.

Want To Know More?

To arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of social media experts and find out how Facebook Advertising can help you get your message in front of your target audience and drive traffic and conversions just give us a call on 0208 419 8422 .