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Small Business Promotion Strategies That Save Money

small business promotion

small business promotion

Sometimes the most effective ideas are those which are simple by nature. Whilst you may want to go for a high octane expensive marketing strategy, frugality is key, so first weigh up all your options. If you can get a simple, inexpensive small business promotion going then you could be on to a winner.

Recycle Great Content

A great thing about great ideas is that they can be reused. It would be a waste to see a previously successful piece of content resigned to the ‘has been’ section. With a little creativity you can regenerate previous success stories, for example if you had a blog as a piece of content that performed well, why not give it a new lease of life by converting it into a video? People remember their favourite pieces of content and so hitting them with nostalgia is a great way to gain traffic. Brilliant content need not be a one hit wonder, if it worked in the past it can work again and be a great way of cheap small business promotion.

Send Out Weekly Emails

In the modern world we live in, the number of information we all encounter day by day is huge. We are all exposed to record high numbers of e-mails and content. Due to this it is very easy to get lost in that torrent and so it is key to stay relevant. A way to make sure your small business promotion is not lost is to send out weekly e-mails showing your potential customers what your business is doing and how they may benefit from getting involved. If you’re out there regularly making contact then your audience are a lot more likely to have you in mind.

Hold a Class or Event

With the rise of super stores and big brand names it can sometimes be hard for small business promotion to get noticed and to get traffic through the door. A way to distinguish yourself from the competition is to hold an event or class suited to your business. For example if you run a haberdashery, hold a beginners sewing class. This way you get new customers who may have toyed with the idea of sewing but never taken the plunge to come into your business and may generate a whole new stream of customers that never existed before. Likewise these small events are a great way of building your reputation amongst your community, word of mouth travels fast.

All or nothing is not an unbreakable rule of marketing. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best and you don’t always need an enormous budget, so don’t let these promising ideas slip through your fingers just because you think of them as basic.

For loads more ideas of how to promote your business on a small business budget, from SEO to traffic generation, take a look at our resources page. It contains loads of great, (and free!) information for you to use. Tak a look now by clicking on the link below.

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