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The SEO Tactics That Will Drive 2016

SEO tactics

SEO tactics

In today’s modern world, marketing is a constantly evolving industry. As technology changes and grows the way in which we market our small businesses change as well. One of the most important techniques to keep your business relevant is search engine optimisation or SEO. Due to the nature of a constantly changing technological world, the rules for SEO are also changing, this means that you need to get your small business SEO tactics in place ready for 2016.

Utilize Your Individual Images

Images are still important and can be instrumental in bringing traffic to your website. However stock images are becoming saturated and quite often the same image will be used by a number of different businesses. You should try to implement unique images into your small business SEO tactic so that your business gets noticed. Take advantage of unique images when advertising your small business!

It Is Not All About Keywords Anymore

Keywords are important. Of that there cannot be any denial. However, search engines are evolving and becoming more complex with the way in which they suggest websites to the user. What this means is that whilst you should have precise keywords in your small business SEO tactic, you should also have a focus on providing useful content for the customer.

For example you may have a selection of SEO keywords so that your website comes up on the first page of Google, however if customers are quickly clicking on your website and then returning to Google then Google will begin to associate your webpage as being unhelpful and not what the customer was looking for. This will then lower the chance of Google suggesting your webpage and therefore lower the amount of traffic your website receives.

So by having content which contains the keywords but also provides answers to the questions the searcher is asking, you are much more likely to stay top of the search engine’s pile.

Continue to keep Driving at Mobile

The way people access the internet is changing rapidly. With the rise of 4G internet and smart phones people often use their hand held devices whilst on the move to browse the web. This is likely to only increase with time. Due to this your website must be mobile friendly so that when customers enter your website using their mobile they are able to navigate the website easily and without frustration. Failure to do this will cost you customers! Search engine optimisation will remain an intrinsic part of marketing for the future and so you have to make sure that your small business SEO tactics are up to date to take advantage of this.

Hit 2016 Running

For loads more advice and tactics for getting your SEO tactics and marketing strategy running successfully in 2016, download our free guide SEO: The Foundation Of Your Online Marketing. Simply click on the image below to download your copy now.

SEO tactics


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