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What Steve Jobs Taught Us About Marketing

marketing strategy

marketing strategy

As a small business owner it’s always useful to have industry leaders as role models to follow. With the increased accessibility we have nowadays with regards to social media, there has never been a better opportunity to learn from these industry leaders and see how we can improve our own marketing strategy.

Follow the Right People

You have to make sure you surround yourself with the right people in business, as much as you are your company’s leader you should also be willing to learn from those around you. Steve Jobs did exactly this in bringing Regis McKenna on board who helped to turn Apple into the global juggernaut it is today.

Through the medium of social media, small businesses have an abundance of industry leaders to learn from. Paying close attention and learning what you can will help to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Images Are More Powerful Than Words

The old adage of “a picture tells a thousand words” has never rung more true than in the social media age, and is something you should definitely incorporate into your marketing strategy. At Apple, their core value of simplicity influences the way they market their products. By using images they are able to express much more than they would be able to with a monologue speech, keeping their marketing looking sleek and simple, whilst still packing a punch. Images also tend to travel much faster than written content, hence giving them a greater chance of going viral, another thing to be considered for your marketing strategy.

Do Not Be Afraid to Spend Money

Whilst it is, of course, very important to never forget budgeting, knowing when and where to make an investment in marketing is also important. In spending more money on your marketing strategy you send out a message that says “I have a quality product”. Just as Steve Jobs did when he spent $3.4 million to advertise Apple during the Super bowl. These expensive but high impact marketing ploys can be game changers in the way that your product is perceived and how much audience exposure you receive.

These lessons from Steve Jobs can cross all types of industry borders, at their core they can help to improve your marketing strategy and broaden the horizons for your business.

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marketing strategy

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