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Amazon Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has become a powerful online marketing platform on Amazon. Running Amazon PPC advertisements helps sellers-both new and experienced-to ‘buy’ traffic to their websites at the very top of Amazon’s ranking search results page. The pay per click campaign is designed to target the audience that uses Amazon’s shopping tool, a paid subscription or a one-time purchase tool. As an Amazon PPC agency in the UK, we are able to offer full PPC services

The main difference between Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and an organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign are that Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns use pay per click keywords to bring targeted traffic to an advertiser’s website. Pay per click keywords are chosen by advertisers through a bidding process where keywords that are used often or have a high value are given preference over less valuable keywords. This is similar to choosing a keyword that will be used often in search engine optimization efforts. The problem with using pay per click keywords in SEO is that some of these keywords are too competitive, so they end up ranking higher in the search engines than more lucrative keywords that are not commonly used.

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So how does an organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign using pay per click keywords on Amazon differ from a PPC campaign? SEO is not a PPC campaign as the keywords are selected by a search engine spider before any ads appear in the search results. This is why it is often referred to as an SEO campaign. Amazon SEO is also known as organic because a user searches for the same keyword/phrase using search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo before any advertisement appears in their search results.

Amazon’s campaign is different from organic search engine optimization as a PPC campaign involves paying a fee to Amazon’s ad server when a keyword or phrase is used to bring traffic to an advertiser’s website. In organic search engine optimization, keywords are chosen by advertisers through the process of bidding, where keyword that is not frequently used is given preference over more profitable keywords. However, in a pay per click campaign, keywords are selected by advertisers according to specific keywords that are selected by the user searching the search results.

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For example, if you are running a PPC campaign against a keyword such as “apple”, your ad would appear in the first position when a search is conducted. Your second position ad will appear after a user has clicked on your ad, which may be associated with another keyword such as “apple juice”, which was used as an alternative keyword.

As a result of placing your ad in the first position, the keyword associated with your ad is likely to be more popular with the search engine spiders than your competitors. When your ad is clicked, the user may not see your ad, but the ad server will alert you of the ad’s presence and notify you of your ad’s effectiveness in terms of bringing traffic to your site. If you’re looking for Amazon account management UK we can help there too!

If your ad’s keyword’s popularity remains high, this leads to a higher chance of your ad being seen by the ad server. If your ad’s popularity is lower, your ad’s clickthrough rate may drop and you will end up paying a lower bid to the advertisers’ server in order to get your ad to the top of the rankings.

If you choose a highly searched keyword, your ad will continue to show in the first position until you have no other choice but to re-bid to rank for another keyword. After you’ve settled on a keyword, your ad will begin to be shown in the second position after a new ad has been placed for the keyword you chose.